IMPORTANT: Calls, phone messages, emails, and Facebook messages received outside business hours will be returned the next business day. Thank you for your understanding.

NO Walk-In’s: Services are by appointment only. 

Arriving for your Appointment: Please be on time but no more than 5min early. Please remain patiently in your vehicle (or on the sidewalk) until I invite you to the door.  There is no 'reception/waiting area' available and I can't receive you until the preceding client leaves.  If you arrive early, please WAIT, do NOT approach the door and ring the bell. I may be busy finishing with a client or busy disinfecting from the previous services and may not be ready to receive you.   If you are 10 or 15min late, your appointment is at risk of becoming a "Late Cancellation" depending what service you have booked as I will not penalize the next client by running late into their appointment time.

Late Arrivals, Late Cancellations and No Show’s: Victorious Nail Styles requires a minimum of 48hrs notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Victorious Nail Styles reserves the right to downgrade your service and/or CANCEL in the event of a Late Arrival (10-15min late) if there isn’t sufficient time to complete the service in the allotted time. In the event of a Late-Cancellation (which also applies if I must cancel it due to your late arrival) or No-Show, the Booking Reservation Fee is non-refundable since the appointment spot was reserved solely for you. Victorious Nail Styles reserves the right to refuse appointments to frequent offenders.

Parking: Please make use of my driveway for your vehicle while observing the following: 
It's a shared driveway, please park as close to my lawn as possible so as not to accidentally obstruct my neighbor's from parking.   If you noticed a car already in my driveway, please do NOT park behind it (please ignore my minivan between the two houses). This vehicle belongs to the client preceding your appointment and you will block them in. Please wait patiently in your vehicle.  

Business Hours:  I am available for services during the hours indicated below.

  • **Sun & Mon: CLOSED** (phone is also off, please leave a message)
  • Tues: 10:00am to 5:00pm (available by phone only, I don't receive clients)
  • Wed: 10:00am to 8:00pm
  • Thurs: 10:00am to 8:00pm
  • Fri: 10:00am to 8:00pm
  • Sat: 9:00am to 5:00pm

Payment:  Payment is due upon completion of services and is accepted in the form of cash or credit card or 'tap'. Cheques are NOT acceptable.   All services are final, and theft of services will be prosecuted. There are no refunds on services already provided.

To book an appointment:  visit to use the online scheduler. To reserve an appointment, a Booking Reservation Fee of $25.00 is required. Upon completion of your reserved appointment, that fee is applied to the cost of the services. In the event that the Late Arrival/Cancellation Policy is not observed by the client, the fee is non-refundable. 

VNS will Refill/Remove Nails done at other Salons HOWEVER  because unfortunately some salons either use unregulated products (MMA) and/or apply enhancements far too thickly; services may incur higher prices than those listed due to requiring more work/time or product to complete the service requested. Please advise salon at time of booking if you are wearing nails from another salon.

Phone Calls:  I can not provide a good service to the client in front of me if I am playing with my phone, so I do NOT reply while I am providing a service.  So all calls are returned during business hours, in between clients, so please leave a message.

Cold, Flu & Similar (Covid) :  If you or anyone in your household has symptoms and/or has tested positive, please cancel and/or reschedule. If you (or anyone you have been in contact with) within the last 14days has experienced any of the following symptoms, please reschedule in accordance with my own Cold/Flu Policy and that of the current Covid Mandate:
Fever, Cough, Difficulty breathing, Sore throat, Runny nose, Loss of taste or smell, Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Difficulty swallowing.     Please note that VNS reserves the right to refuse clients at the door that arrive with symptoms and this will be treated as a Late Cancellation and charged accordingly.

I ask that you respect this policy because

1) We have many clients with weak autoimmune systems (including myself) and serious health concerns (Cancer, MS, Diabetes, heart disease) should you come to the salon, you put them at risk.

2) should my family and/or myself fall ill, I will NOT be able to meet the needs of my clients and will be forced to cancel multiple appointments inconveniencing everyone.

3) I do not get paid for sick days .

Cell Phones Prohibited During Services: Clients are not permitted to play with cellphones during services.  They are contaminated items but also distracting during services and prevent clients from properly relaxing their hands.  Please put your phone on silent and leave it in your purse or the bin.

Mask MUST remain in place for the duration of your visit on the premises and is NOT to be removed until after you exit. Your mask MUST cover your nose and chin.    PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN MASK BUT NOT A BANDANA.  I will provide you with a new mask should you arrive with a bandana or otherwise similar ill fitting face covering. Once you have put on your mask, I will open the door for you & you may enter the premises.

Right to Refuse Service if it's Contraindicated: Please note that Victorious Nail Styles reserves the right to refuse service if it is determined as inappropriate, or if infection or similar health issue is suspected that would be contra-indicated for services. The EOHU strictly PROHIBITS Nail Technicians from performing services on anyone presenting with infection, and salon service providers are required by LAW to refuse service. This includes Athletes Foot, and Fungal Toenail Infections.

No Guests & No Children During Services: My home salon dedicated room is VERY small and there is no space for a guest, nor is there a reception area.  Children are NOT permitted to be present during services unless they themselves are receiving the service. This is a safety concern, since in the restricted space, a child can easily bump the table.  Even the BEST behaved children are distractions that will delay services and can cause me to run late for the next client who may appreciate it if I remain on schedule OR that can inadvertently cause an accident.   As a mother, I sincerely understand the challenges of finding childcare, however due to schedule and safety concerns, my manicure station is not an appropriate environment and is deemed as inappropriate by my insurance.

Children under 16 & Nail Enhancements: It is a STRICT policy with no exceptions that children under 16 may NOT have nail enhancements (ie: Acrylic or UV Gel). Children under 16 are not covered by my insurance for such services. Children under 16 may have manicures with traditional nail polish.

Victorious Nail Styles appreciates your respect of policies that are in place to insure a pleasant experience for everyone concerned.


From EOHU:

From Toronto Public Health:

From Toronto Public Health:

Thank you for your understanding.


The Mandates have lightened, why do I still have to wear my Mask?  Nail Salon Services fall under "Personal Services" and are "Close Contact" and "high risk" as we sit face to face, with a shared breathing space of only 18" and I touch you during services.  You are also entering a Private Residence, and not a Public Space.  I service multiple 'at risk' Senior Clients. The Mandates still require masks for Seniors & 'At Risk/Immune compromised Persons" which includes many of my clients and myself.  So due to my Salon falling under Personal Services Category and the risk posed to other Clients and myself, this is why we still adhere to Covid Protocols.

I am fully Vaccinated (received both shots) do I still have to wear my mask?  Yes, to receive services at VNS, you still have to wear your mask for the time being.   The Vaccine does not prevent you from catching it, nor from carrying it and passing it on to others. It only serves to reduce symptoms if you catch it. I have family members & clients who are at risk. In the best interest of all concerned, for the time being, masks are still a requirement for services due to minimal 18" of shared breathing space between client & Nail Tech.

Masks make me uncomfortable; can you make an exception?    While I sincerely understand the challenges that some face with mask wearing, unfortunately no, I suggest waiting until the salon policy is lifted before returning. I am doing my best to keep both myself and my  guests safe and if your health is affected by wearing a mask for a short period of time then I strongly suggest staying home as much as possible and practice social distancing. I value you as a client and hope to see you as soon as we can.  This is not only my place of business, but also my private home.  The risk of asymptomatic transmission is always present and as such, I can't risk contaminating my living space. Thank you for understanding.

Why is a Single Nail Repair so pricey?  It's actually not and I don't profit from this service either, it's a courtesy.  The cost of the Disposable items consumed for the service (ie: Nail File, Autoclave pouches for the e-file bits, my nitrile gloves, masks, wipes, disinfectants) cost me the same whether I do one nail or ten. Then add on the cost of the products used for the actual repair, and disinfectant for the washroom and work station plus my time.  This is a "courtesy" service.